GE Vivid 7

 GE Vivid 7 The ultrasound machine is designed for streamlined cardiovascular ultrasound imaging applications. The GE Vivid 7 ultrasound system features the Blood Flow Imaging Mode (BFI) that displays blood flow as well as its direction, enabling better analysis. The GE Vivid 7’s High Resolution Zoom, Ultra Definition Clarity one-touch image optimization, Automated Intima Media Thickness Measurement, Tissue Velocity Imaging, Tissue Tracking and Tissue Synchronization options enable ultrasound image optimization and provide more detailed views of particular regions for increased diagnostic potential.

The ultrasound machine’s Real-time 4D Imaging creates a 4D volume online and allows real-time viewing of the data acquired. The GE Vivid 7 is a Colorflow Digital Ultrasound System designed for cardiovascular diagnosis.

  • Colorflow Digital Ultrasound System
  • THI
  • 3D View
  • B Mode
  • B/M Mode
  • M Mode
  • TruScanTruSpeed Color Flow
  • High Resolution Zoom
  • Ultra Definition Clarity one-touch image optimization
  • Automated IMT Intima Media Thickness Measurement
  • Tissue Velocity Imaging TVI
  • Tissue Tracking
  • Tissue Synchronization option

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