Alpinion eCube 7


Features for superb image quality

• Crystal Signature™
ALPINION’s proprietary single crystal transducers are available: SC1-6, SP1-5, SP3-8
E-CUBE 7 is the only system in its class that provides high featured transducer like single crystal convex and phased array.
Crystal Signature™ technology enables higher energy conversion efficiency, higher sensitivity and wider bandwidth.

• Optimal Imaging Suite™
ALPINION’s core imaging technology set creates optimized images by effectively decreasing artifacts and enhancing the edge of organs.
You can experience clearer images with technologies such as SCI, FCI, FTHI, PITHI, SRI and FullSRI™

• ŸFleXcan™ Architecture
ALPINION’s software driven imaging platform ensures stable imaging performance and uniform image quality.

Features for efficient workflow

• Xpeed™
Xpeed™ optimizes images in B-mode, Color Flow and Doppler modes with one button operation.

• Auto IMT
Auto IMT easily and quickly determines the thickness of the near and far carotid walls and evaluates a patient’s asymptomatic risk of cardiovascular disease.
Accurate mean, max, standard deviation and quality index information are delivered with the touch of a single button.

• Auto Trace PW, CW
Auto Trace automatically calculates and displays peak velocities, ratios, volume indices and ejection fraction.

• DICOM 3.0 Connectivity

Smart performance in multiple applications
• Application specific measurement package
Diagnostic efficiency is doubled through an onboard measurement package.

• Volume Master™
ALPINION’s intuitive and lucrative 3D/4D software offering fast rendering speed and outstanding quality.
At the same time, ultra-lightweight 3D/4D transducers offer enhanced convenience and reduce operator’s fatigue.

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