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Carestream’s DIRECTVIEW CR systems are designed to streamline patient throughput, speed work­flow and increase cost-efficiency. Three computed radiography models allow you to choose the plates-per-hour performance that matches your facility’s needs. We also offer both single- and multiple-cassette capability. Whatever your CR choice, you can count on excellent image quality, a space-saving footprint and easy, user-friendly operation.

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Improved Workflow and Patient Throughput

The DIRECTVIEW Classic CR system is small, easy to install and simple to use. This distributed computed radiography systems produce high-quality images, yet have footprints small enough for an X-ray room or an X-ray control console room.

The Classic CR System handles up to 69 cassettes per hour,* making it ideal for small and mid-sized facilities

Carestream DIRECTVIEW CR systems offer a wide range of advanced CR features:

  • A robust user interface, rapid image processing, and a range of software options and tools
  • Fast and easy installation
  • EVP-Plus Image-Processing Software with Enhanced Frequency Processing (EFP) reduces capture set-up times and boost overall quality – saving time and helping improve diagnoses
  • A choice of configurations: 19-inch flat-panel monitor, 19-inch flat-panel monitor with touch screen, or high-megapixel monitor
  • Flexible monitor and/or keyboard options allow installation on a floor-stand console or a space-saving wall mount
  • DICOM and IHE functionality and connectivity

CR System options include:

  • An upgradable mammography imaging option with the ability to scan both standard Mammography cassettes and SNP-M1 cassettes on the same system
  • An optional long-length imaging system for longer anatomical regions. Easily capture and process digital images in a single exposure with auto stitching for scoliosis and long bone work.


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