"Techology" and "Money" dominate most of today’s industry discussions. "Quality" and "Service" are wistfully referenced, but are often unwisely considered secondary. Freedom Imaging is but one company among many seeking your business, so when discussing and evaluating technology, money, quality and service, why select us over the others?

A primary reason is that we are experienced and well regarded in providing state of the art technology and professional service support for a logical amount of money.

Complete Sales, Integration and Service for a wide and specialized array of digital and networked products, including:
  • CR
  • DR
  • Archives for Radiology
  • Cardiology Laser Cameras
  • Digitizers

Since our founding, we have built Freedom Imaging`s reputation with professional personnel providing premium products, innovative services - now solutions - across a broad spectrum of the radiology/diagnostic imaging market.

We have always worked to be ahead of the technology curve so that we were prepared to assist our customers before they needed assistance. We have always used Service as the basic determining criteria for the products we sell.



Freedom Imaging
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